News October 3rd, 2016

by Nortal

Marek Helm will join Nortal as Head of Public Finance Management

According to Nortal’s founder and CEO Priit Alamäe, Marek Helm has executed extensive reforms and necessary transformations in one of the most important public authorities in Estonia for which there is strong demand globally. “Effective tax collection and transparent public finance management is becoming more relevant globally. By uniting Helm’s experience with our knowledge and references, we are creating an international center of competence,” added Alamäe.

Marek Helm has had a very successful career in public sector for over 20 years and feels that the time has come to take on the private sector. “Nortal is a company with growing ambitions and an international scope that exports Estonian e-government success stories. I’m glad that with my expertise and experience, I can contribute to the company’s continuous expansion to markets that are of great importance for Estonia,” commented Helm.

“I can hand over the management of Estonian Tax and Customs Board to the new Director General with peace of mind. This is a fantastic organization and a close-knit professional team, that serves the Estonian society and is a great partner for taxpayers,” said Helm.

“During the past years Nortal has made significant investments to develop internationally recognized competence in the field of complex e-government reforms. Our aim is to address client needs as a whole by offering holistic service concepts that include everything from legislative drafting, organization and process redesign to implementation of new technologies and change management. Marek Helm fits perfectly with our strategy because of his long-term experience in public sector reforms. He has created more effective processes, where knowledge-based and well thought-through change management have played an important role,” added Alamäe.

Marek Helm has led the Estonian Tax and Customs Board as Director General from December 2011. He has held various leading positions in Estonian ministries from 2006 to 2011: in 2009–2011 he was Deputy Secretary General on public governance policy of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia; in 2007–2009 the leader of the foundation of the joint internal security office under the Estonian Ministry of the Interior; in 2006–2007 Deputy Secretary General on internal security of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and in 2006 Head of the Internal Security Department of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. In 2004–2006 Marek Helm held the position of Deputy Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and in 2003–2004 Deputy Director General of the Estonian Customs Board in customs enforcement and pre-trial investigation work areas.

Nortal is an international strategy consultancy and software solutions company. Nortal operates in nearly 20 countries and employs 530 specialists who carry out high-quality, mission-critical and high social impact projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nortal delivers meaningful impact through an integrated approach to strategy and process redesign, change management and technology transformation.

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