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Event October 18th, 2023

Join us in New York at the CIO Summit

It’s a widely accepted estimation that anywhere from 70% to 95% of digital transformation projects fail. Aren’t you curious why? Come and hear what our experts have to say on the matter at the CIO/CISO New York & BFSI Summit on October 24th! The summit hosted by CDM Media, gives participants a chance to engage in peer-to-peer networking and discuss the issues currently affecting senior executives from a variety of key industries. 

Hear from our experts

We’ve been called in time and again to help businesses and organizations rescue their struggling initiatives and we’ve learned the breakdown is happening early on due to a lack of engagement from top decision-makers that trickles down to the rest of the team. 

Join Newel Rice, one of Nortal’s top Senior Solutions Architects, as he shares his take on how to get people engaged in your transformation initiatives. Or as he puts it, “Making work suck less.” Not only will he lead you through ways to get your people actively involved, he will pay particular focus to your data initiatives, specifically maintaining quality, privacy, peak load, and near real-time solutions among others. 

Joining him is Nortal’s Chief Growth Officer, Elizabeth Kiehner who understands complex business processes, shaping inventive strategies and owning end-to-end UX and digital journeys.

Elizabeth Kiehner, Chief Growth Officer

How will you add value when it comes to your enterprise data strategy? If you and your team are not making this a global priority, be certain that your competitors are on top of this essential question which of course involves people as well as technology.

Connecting you to your data and your people

From retail to healthcare industries, we connect businesses with their data focusing on scalable cross-industry and cross-functional integration with attention and sensitivity to your most valued assets, people, and culture. 

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