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Our Global ESG Expert, Maria Tymtsias, took part in COP28 – a critical platform for nations to collaboratively address climate change. Scroll to follow her journey in Dubai and to see her key takeaways from this crucial event.

December 2

My first day at COP28 and my first climate event of such scale. How do I feel?


Like I have finally met a sustainability family who speak the same language as me.


This sense of belonging underscores the importance of a unified approach to sustainability, perfectly aligning with our commitment to collaborative and sustainable solutions.

December 3

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Estonian Pavilion about digital innovation and how it will help transform the public and private sectors sustainably.


As a digital transformation powerhouse, we have a pivotal role in driving digital solutions for sustainability, and showcasing our expertise and thought leadership in this essential field.


The discussion was organized by the Estonian ICT Cluster.

December 4

Things about COP that nobody tells you… Was it necessary for 70,000 people to fly to Dubai? Frankly, no.


However, COP’s essence extends far beyond mere participation in discussions and panels. The real value of the event lies in informal networking, genuine connections and the exchange of ideas.


As a company, we are constantly on the lookout for meaningful partnerships and COP28 was no exception. The relationships we built will be pivotal for creating impactful change in the years to come.

December 6

I was living in a bubble and COP28 helped me realize that.


For the past few days, my mind has been blown by the sheer quantity of issues the world is facing as well as all the amazing things that people are doing to drive change.


Being part of the dialogue has made me realize how diverse sustainability perspectives are and how small the actual impact we are making is at the moment.


COP28 has been a valuable reminder of the importance of seeking diverse viewpoints and solutions, encouraging innovation and a broader understanding of sustainability challenges.


December 13

Despite initial doubts, COP28 has brought a spark of hope for our planet’s future.


The landmark deal to abandon fossil fuels, though not perfect, marks a significant step forward. This global deal will play a significant role in shaping a sustainable future and is a reminder for all of us to embrace innovative solutions and actively participate in shaping a more sustainable world.

As I reflect on these experiences, it’s clear that COP28 was more than just an event – it was a catalyst for change.


For us and our clients, this is a call to action. We must harness the learnings from COP28 to implement tangible change that contributes to a more sustainable world. This is not just a corporate responsibility, it’s a global necessity.


Let’s move forward with renewed hope and determination to make a lasting impact.


If you would like to find out how we are planning to make a difference here at Nortal, please get in touch below.

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