Baltic Transport Journal on Nortal’s Smart Port solution: Helping the winners of the future

We consider a smart port one where nothing is expected of a driver or passenger beyond following foolproof directions. Nowhere will someone wonder which way to turn. Nowhere will a passenger be asked to fill in a form. And never do they have to present their identification. 

We have teamed up with MODI GmbH, a biometric vision solutions leader, to provide exactly that in European and North American ports.  

The Baltic Transport Journal publication gives an insightful overview of the joint offering by Nortal and MODI to establish future ports as highly secure, smart, and passenger-friendly environments. 

Our Head of Smart Port Advisory Kadri Haufe told The Baltic Transport Journal when explaining the struggles on the maritime sector: „The winners of the future will be the most efficient players.“ 

Read more via Baltic Transport Journal. 

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