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Case study

A hospital information system for smoother workflows and better care

Nortal is building a Hospital Information System (HIS) with the objective to improve workflows for doctors and nurses, and therefore help them deliver better care to patients. This case study is based on the HIS implementation within Tartu University Hospital and all its subsidiaries in southern Estonia and Viljandi hospital.

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With health data becoming increasingly digitized, doctors are spending more time entering data on their computers and less time interacting with patients. The software systems adopted by hospitals are often clunky, with staff becoming increasingly frustrated and reluctant towards embracing new sets of fragmented technologies.


Solution: Smooth communication between all health systems

We created The Hospital Information System to cover all processes within the hospital, while also enabling smooth communication with other information systems is Healthcare (such as the National Health Record). HIS makes sure that the patient’s journey is thoroughly recorded from the moment they contact the hospital to book a visit to the moment a bill is received after being discharged. Within the hospital, a central process-driven solution unifies and simplifies the complex diagnostic and healthcare processes for staff in order to help them provide patients with high-quality medical services even more effectively.

Impact: Delivering better care to patients

The Hospital Information System has significantly reduced the administrative workload of hospital staff, enabling the clinical personnel to focus more on the actual diagnosis, treatment, and most importantly – the patient. The Patient Portal allows patients to access their medical data more conveniently while giving them the ability to engage with the medical process transparently from the get-go.

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How data makes a population healthier

Our digital national healthcare solutions fundamentally transform doctor-patient interactions. We are experienced in securely collecting and standardizing data from multiple sources to produce advanced analytics, empowering better decision making in both treatment of patients and efficient hospital management.

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