Nortal's solution for space resource management for healthcare

Our solution saves medical staff time, effort, and resources while ensuring that the most suitable available space is allocated to each patient service.

Unlock the future of healthcare


Maintaining the same service volume with reduced facility capacity


Scalable and seamless with the Microsoft ecosystem


Healthcare professionals have been actively involved in developing the solution

Transforming healthcare efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your hospital’s reception rooms with our innovative solution tailored for optimal efficiency and seamless workflow. With the power of modern Microsoft’s technology, we can transform your hospital’s daily routines together!

From design to daily operations, we optimize space utilization, ensuring every room serves its purpose effectively. Our customizable software is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs, streamlining processes from appointment scheduling to appropriate room allocation. Through our space resource management solution, you can prioritize critical services, implement specialized rules, and maximize job satisfaction for your medical staff.

Are you ready to develop your daily routines from manual management to a smarter, more efficient way of running your hospital?

Check out our demo video showcasing the advanced technology behind our solution, empowering hospitals to manage their facilities effectively and efficiently. See it in action and get ready to enhance your hospital’s performance!

Creating impact


occupancy rate can be achieved through reception room optimization


wellbeing services counties in Finland have already implemented the solution


the number of rooms would have been necessary in our customer’s hospital if not for our space resource management solution.

Nortal's solution for space resource management for healthcare

Placing valuable information directly in the hands of doctors

Our solution integrates appointment data, optimizes room allocations based on factors like doctor movement, and seamlessly syncs results with Outlook calendars, using HL7 FHIR standard interfaces. It can be integrated with patient information systems, facility services, and other background systems.

From project kick-off to full production in only a few months

Low-code development in these projects offers agility and speed, enabling progress from initial components to full production in only a few months. This is often unattainable with traditional coding, especially for solutions integrating multiple data sources and backend systems.

Facilitates the harmonious operation of multi-vendor ecosystem

Our solution facilitates collaboration among various vendors, leveraging a unified data repository called Dataverse and efficient data transfer via a lightweight API layer. This approach enables cost-effective and agile development, fostering harmonious operation within a multi-vendor ecosystem.

Two female doctors discussion by laptop

Space resource management in active use in Satakunta!

Don’t take it from us. Take it from hospitals already using Nortal’s solution for space resource management.

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