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Real people, real impact

As technology advances, tools become more complex. Our mission at Nortal is to optimize the way these tools work, making life easier for the end user. We believe in thinking big –  our high-impact projects in business, e-commerce, and government are breaking new ground and sending ripples around the globe. You’ll join an international community of like-minded developers in Europe and the U.S., with access to one of the world’s biggest sandboxes of e-commerce tools and applications.

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Create your path at Nortal!

We have the challenges to match your ambition

Create your path at Nortal!

In our experience, great things happen when we give our architects the freedom to execute on their strengths. Explore the various paths we offer for senior developers and architects.

The craft of qualitism

The craft of qualitism

Qualitism is a level of excellence, and Quality Assurance (QA) specialists are the ones who set the bar at Nortal. This craft is about finding the perfect balance between business, technology and customer while building seamless solutions. Join our team of likeminded QA specialists and let’s make qualitism happen.



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We create impact

We create real impact for our customers and society. We keep our promises, value initiative, maintain a constructive team environment and get things done. This is what we believe in and what we expect from others. We don’t mind diving into the details and getting our hands dirty. As we have no vendor lock, we have a huge toolbox to choose from.

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We put the team first

Our corporate structure is flat. We are powered by small, highly collaborative development teams dedicated to working cohesively and efficiently. Here you always have full control over your career mobility and real impact on projects. Our product development teams are autonomous, providing greater opportunities for creativity, innovation and contribution. . We prize teamwork and support each other in providing the best results for our clients.

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Our culture

We value a culture, where promises are kept, initiative is valued and getting things done is prioritized. This is what we believe in and what we expect from others. We approach our work with integrity – doing what we say we’ll do, and operating with transparency and honesty.

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The power of learning and sharing

Our biggest strategic L&D tool is the Learning Hive concept. It’s our global network that supports and nurtures our learning and development practices in all locations. Our Learning Hives are buzzing communities led by Hive Leads that uplift our experts, create possibilities for professional as well as personal growth, and share best practices to learn from.
Whether you are a QA, an analyst, a developer, a project manager, or product owner – get involved in your community!

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We empower you

Nortal is committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we use to the people on our teams. We work hard to fostering an inclusive environment and a diverse work culture that celebrates our employees. We aim to build and cultivate teams of the best and brightest that reflect a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Nortal prides itself on a culture that encourages everyone to grow, innovate, and succeed together

"I have been part of the Nortal family for more than 4 years, and this has been time spent with great colleagues, in an amazing atmosphere that motivates me every day. The fact that I am having a meaningful impact on our customers, and making their daily work easier is something that motivates me the most. Working at Nortal is something I would recommend to everyone who wants to constantly improve themselves, and enjoy the quality of what we deliver to our clients."
— Andrija Cvijovic

Senior QA

“Having the freedom to participate in the architectural decisions and contribute to the improvement of organization and working process, I gained a variety of skills and made a great advance in different fields. Besides that, work on the large scale government projects and making a noticeable positive impact on people's everyday life represent both great challenge and satisfaction."
— Strahinja Lažetić

Senior Software Developer

"Ever since I joined Nortal, I enjoyed being in the company of people who get things done and have fun doing it. We depend on each other's support to achieve common goals – success comes from sharing a purpose, being confident in our abilities and our teammates, and from the trust established between the delivery organization, management, and our clients. The key is to keep an agile mindset, build our teams from the right people, and enable them to do what they’re best at."
— Marko Savić

Nortal’s Partner, Delivery Manager International

"I have been working in Nortal for more than 5 years now, and in the constantly changing IT world, it says a lot. I would say the most important thing that kept me for all these years here are the magnificent people that I had the pleasure to work with. On top of that, you have a chance to work on various projects that make a serious impact on people’s lives worldwide. Knowing that you are doing something so important is a great motivation. And not only that, to top it off, you are given the opportunity to constantly improve, learn new technologies and methodologies, and work with cutting edge technologies. Need I say more?"
— Marko Nikolic

Senior Software Developer

"Gaining insight into how vast and diverse QA field can be and having someone to support you and to look after your progress every step of the way would be my key reasons why I find working at Nortal appealing. The feeling of wanting to contribute and be a useful member of the team prevails. Being given the opportunity and the necessary knowledge, you just want to do better."
— Maja Duvnjak

QA Specialist



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Goran Ljubicic

Goran Ljubicic

HR Business Partner

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