Press release: The first milestone of the Digitization of Procurement project reached: Planning and architecture concept published

March 17, 2021

Press release, dated on 17th March 2021.

With the XInvoice standard, a central part of public purchasing between public bodies and their suppliers has been successfully digitized in recent years. In the project “Digitization of Procurement – Cooperation Project for Standards-based Digitization of the Public Purchasing and Procurement Process”, the BMI, Bremen, NRW, RLP and KoSIT are building on these successes to develop foundations and solutions that enable end-to-end digital and standards-based communication in the public tendering and procurement process.

Comparable to the approach for the development of the XInvoice standard, existing (Peppol) standards and infrastructures are being tested, profiled and, if necessary, updated in order to create Europe-wide, standard-compliant and practicable solutions for the German administration and its partners. Individual solutions – such as those for digital ordering (XOrdering) – will be piloted in collaboration with selected suppliers during the course of the project.

The first milestone of the cooperation project has been reached with the publication of the planning and architecture concept. This version, which has now been published, is to be understood as the result of the concept phase; the document will be updated in the course of the project and supplemented in each case with new findings. It is to be used explicitly to publish information about the expected project results with the aim of obtaining feedback.
The subject-specific discussion is hereby opened: in order to promote the acceptance of the project results among the stakeholders not directly involved in the project and at the same time to take advantage of opportunities for quality improvement, consultations with the interested expert public will be carried out with the respective current status of this document. For this purpose, structured feedback will be obtained on the respective current status within a defined time frame, which will be incorporated into the further work of the collaborative project. The process is open to the entire public and is designed to be transparent; there is no selection of individual stakeholders.

Further information on the participation process and the concept you can find available here:


Daniela Riegler

Daniela Riegler

Head of Digital Transformation

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