Engineering and DevOps

Nortal’s collaborative and multi-disciplinary teams utilize automation techniques and continuous-delivery practices to accelerate delivering quality software. We take full responsibility for end-to-end software delivery.


DevOps transformation journey

Nortal connects people and technology, thereby leading your company’s transformation journey into a high-performing organization. From design to development, then to deployment, our integrated developer team model owns the automation of the software-delivery process taking care of both technology and culture change aspects of the transformation. Nortal can help you no matter where you are along the DevOps transformation journey.


Modern Software Delivery and Lifecycle

It is in Nortal’s DNA to automate software delivery. Through automation and implementing repeatable builds, our developers create efficiency from feature conception to delivery. We will always start with an automated CICD pipeline, no excuses. We strive for sustainable development to meet current needs and keep an open mind toward future changes by following the Twelve-Factor App and the principles of Evolutionary Architectures. Furthermore, Nortal develops software development life cycle (SDLC) best practices by learning new industry technology and by continually refining our craft.

Best Practices

Technology landscape

Building great software is what we do. By continually pursuing new technologies and tooling, our technology landscape evolves the way we optimize, accelerate, expand and respond to dynamic environments.



more frequent code deployments


faster lead time from commit to deploy


lower change failure rate


faster time to recover from incidents


Integrated teams, overseas

Our KPI-driven delivery teams span the Atlantic from North America to Europe. Nortal leverages distributed teams for change and project management to deliver complex solutions and keep up with your dynamic needs. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary delivery teams orchestrate and take full ownership of digital transformation from strategy to technology.


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Priit Liivak

Priit Liivak

Head of Engineering

Priit Liivak is an experienced software developer, Algorütm podcast host and Nortal developer community leader who is forever on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to improve the developer experience and increase the value for customers.

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