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A bank’s digital transformation to support growth and fast time-to-market

To stay ahead of competition and support continuous growth, LHV underwent a digital transformation that led to improved customer engagement, reduced workload for employees, and faster time-to-market.


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Digital transformation in banking​

LHV is Estonia’s largest domestic financial group, with more than 300,000 clients using their banking services worldwide. They offer a wide range of digital services – from retail banking to financing, investment banking, insurance, and payment services. To support their continuous growth, LHV partnered with Nortal to undergo a digital transformation and modernize their core IT plattform.


As a rapidly growing public company in a highly competitive market, LHV’s main challenge is staying ahead and exploring new frontiers for innovation when it comes to their digital services. The perpetually changing market demands a constant flow of new solutions, adaptability to evolving regulations, and a core IT platform that supports growth and fast time to market. 

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LHV partnered with Nortal  to modernize and automate a wide range of services and processes for the bank. From loan and debt lifecycles to credit risk management and compliance solutions, our experts worked closely with LHV’s in-house development team towards digital transformation, while also modernizing its core IT platform.


The digital transformation has reaped many benefits in a short time frame. LHV is seeing improved customer engagement and reduced workload for employees. Compliance with financial and regulatory standards runs smoother, and the time-to-market for new digital services is significantly faster.

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Fintech for fluid environments

Change in the financial services sector is constantly accelerating and isoccurring at every level: customer behavior, macroeconomic, regulatory, and of course, technology. We are expert in navigating this complex landscape, helping clients make difficult choices that create a better customer experience. 

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