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Case study May 18th, 2021

Kontio’s journey: 5 steps to a lean production

Kontio, the world’s largest log home manufacturer, was struggling with a high seasonal fluctuation of demand. The inability to simulate and control inventory levels led to excessive emergency stocks, high amounts of capital tied to inventories, strong variations and delays in lead times.

Kontio begun to find that its growth is limited by its ability to plan and deliver. It was clear they needed to have a new approach.

Excel sheet


Throughout its 50-year history, Kontio has delivered more than 50,000 log buildings while doing production planning entirely on Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheet-planned production was the epitome of waste. Furthermore, because the existing system offered no true overall picture of production capability, it resulted in disconnected material flow throughout the factory.



We created a standardized analysis model for businesses aiming to create lean production, covering the entire cycle from pre-implementation analysis and early proof of concept to full implementation.

Step 1

Production analysis

Our first step was to determine how the production is carried out and break it down into individual processes to understand their characteristics and restrictions.


Just-In-Time (JIT) production

Step 2

Planning analysis

By mapping out planning restrictions, prioritization order, planning tools and data, frequency of scheduling and failures and production feedback, we got an
overall view of what needs to be reformed.


Perceptive planning process from sales to production



Step 3

Business analysis

The third step of the analysis aimed to understand how to optimize the end-to-end production by defining business targets, main KPIs, supply strategy and the related stakeholders.


360-degree view of the full value chain

Step 4

Early proof of concept and implementation

Early proof of concept allowed for validating the solution for covering the business and production requirements found in the analysis. The solution was up and running in 3 months, providing tangible benefits from day one.


Rule-based optimization approach by Asprova. A holistic planning process and visual management of the entire production


Shorter lead time


Reduced raw material inventory


Reduced work-in-process inventory

closeup of wood


The impact on Kontio’s production planning has been dramatic. We combined the right knowledge with the right tools to impact Kontio’s bottom line: from no late deliveries, eliminated finished goods inventory to increased factory production capacity and double stock keeping unit enabled by Asprova.

Learn more how to streamline production via real-time overview

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