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Forbes: Digital Transformation As A Catalyst For Growth

Although life has returned to normal, the lessons of the global pandemic remain, underscoring the importance of continuing to use digital transformation as a catalyst for growth, says our Chief Growth Officer Elizabeth Kiehner in the latest Forbes article.

She argues that assuming a premium Amazon-like experience is unattainable for companies and organizations without comparable size and digital transformation investment is misguided.

Check out insights in Forbes on what organizations and businesses should keep in mind when tackling their own digital transformation.



We help you navigate the journey to digital transformation mastery

Whatever your electronic platform, seamless interactions are now a requirement for both internal and external users. Customized solutions are needed for enterprises with complex buying structures and back-end integrations. 

Explore our expertise in digital commerce, complemented by our depth in interoperability, electronic identity, and service design!


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Generative AI continues to advance many aspects of life, the ethical concerns demand critical consideration.

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