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Baltic Transport Journal on Nortal's Smart Port solution: Identify as smart

Even if most ports aren’t yet ‘smart,’ smart port technology is well known. But digital identity verification, which can elevate that smartness to new heights, is a solution that fewer port professionals are aware of, writes Kadri Haufe, our Head of Smart Port Advisory in Baltic Transport Journal, an international magazine focused on transport and logistics in the Baltic Sea region.

– Kadri Haufe, Head of Smart Port Advisory

Digital identity verification isn’t just an add-on; it is a fundamental shift towards secure, efficient, and personalized maritime travel and trade.

Smart port is one where nothing is expected of a driver or passenger beyond following foolproof directions. Nowhere will someone wonder which way to turn. Nowhere will a passenger be asked to fill in a form. And they never have to present their identification.

In port operations, the benefits of smart are also fairly well recognized. Manual work is eliminated in terminal traffic management, vehicle classification is done effortlessly, and paper disappears from the system just as port congestion (and CO2) is massively reduced, not to mention precisely measured. But it’s possible to make this seamless experience even better – for passengers, cars, cargo, and those who manage the entire process.

Much more than just an add-on

Digital biometric identity verification solutions can be used to identify passengers and drivers in free flow during check-in and customs procedures. They can pre-enroll online by uploading a photo of their passport or driver’s license or do so in the port (at smart registration/enrollment kiosks, aka totems) before entering check-in. It gives commercial drivers the added benefit of linking digital identity verification with vehicle registration for a swift entry process.

Read more via Baltic Transport Journal.

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