All Good in Tenerife!

BR, Kadri

Picture yourself breaking free from conventional borders and working from different cities or countries, immersing yourself in new cultures and ideas. Embracing on that idea, we packed our bags and travelled to Tenerife with the whole family.

My work and responsibilities are very much connected with people outside of Estonia, which gives me easily the freedom to go anywhere and work from there.

With the weather changing and becoming dreary and grey, a decision of having a workcation came quite easily. It was a decision fueled by both practicality and yearning for adventure. A supporting fact that remote work wasn’t just a possibility for me, but also for my husband, brought an exciting dimension to our plans and made us book tickets to a much sunnier place and gave us a good change of scenery with the opportunity to enjoy life at the same time. 

We crafted our own kind of work-life harmony: Tenerife workcation and a conference detour to Poland

Embracing life to the fullest 

Our 3.5-week stay in Tenerife made me appreciate the flexible working hours and workplace I have even more. Having a 2-hour time difference worked very well in our favor. Starting work at 7 a.m as the sun cast its golden rays upon the island and winding down around 3:30 p.m, allowed for that perfect blend of family time and adventures exploring the island’s hidden wonders.  

Was it worth it? Yes, every beat of my heart! It was the most amazing time living our lives. Embracing life to the fullest, Tenerife allowed me to have a fun time with my family, wander through uncharted paths, visit the islands’ water kingdom, and simply unwind – all while enjoying life and work at the same time. The ability to mix work seamlessly with these experiences shows the immense value of remote work and the flexibility it grants to fill your heart with gratitude and simply enjoying life!  

After trying out different remote work styles, here are my recommendations for the ones yet to embrace this fantastic opportunity:

  • Plan your work and time so you have time to enjoy the location itself
  • A good internet connection is the key
  • Make sure you have good enough working conditions so that you don’t strain your body.  

Kadri Haufe

Head of Smart Port Advisory

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