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During my second year at Vilnius University, I had a burning desire to travel and experience life abroad. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dashed my hopes as international travel came to a standstill. After finishing my studies, I joined Nortal, a company that perfectly aligned with my values and offered a program called "Nortal Nomad," enabling me to grab my suitcase and code globally. Without hesitation, I revisited my postponed plan to explore Portugal.

I began my adventure in Porto, where I immersed myself in its rich history and unique atmosphere.

A cozy coworking space, Porto i/o, became my productive oasis, connecting me with fellow digital nomads. Maintaining a work-life balance in a new city had its challenges, but I managed to explore Porto’s wonders while reserving evenings for leisure. Surprisingly, I developed a newfound passion for surfing, indulging in weekend sessions. 

After two memorable weeks in Porto, I moved on to Lisbon, a city teeming with life and character.

Lisbon city streets

Lisbon’s vibrant neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and culinary delights enriched my experience, and a day trip to Sintra added to the wonder of it all.

Throughout the journey, I encountered challenges that taught me valuable life lessons. I embraced adaptability and resilience, cherishing every moment life bestowed upon me. 

Recap of the journey


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surfing lessons

This nomadic experience affirmed my belief that such a lifestyle could be both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding. If you share a passion for travel and exploration, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a leap of faith into the world of digital nomads. Let the world be your canvas of endless possibilities, and your soul will forever carry the imprints of your unforgettable adventures. 


Ignas Dailydė

Node Developer

Vilnius, Lithuania

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