All Good in Northwest Washington!

BR, Justin

Imagine collaborating with people from many different countries and being involved in large-scale digital innovation from the comfort of your own forest retreat. Nortal's remote-first approach means you can live in a place you love and still connect and thrive in the company.

My partner and I – and our two cats – live in a small community north of Seattle, Washington near the Canadian border. There are mountains to the east and a bay to the west. We enjoy the beautiful surroundings, access to many outdoors activities, and the community of friends that we have developed. Living here comes with challenges though. One of the biggest challenges? There are very few jobs out here working in advanced digital innovation!  

Professionally, I felt ready to grow but we didn’t want to relocate again – we had put down roots.

Today, we live on a small homestead, and enjoy a daily mix of outdoor activities and quiet solitude. During the early hours of my workday when it’s still dark out, I usually focus on projects that require deep concentration and creative problem-solving and then as the sun starts to shine through the trees, I chat and collaborate with teammates in other time zones – a group of really talented and fun people. In the middle of the day, I like to work in our garden or go running along the many nearby forest trails. Both are great ways to relax. 

Remote first lets me work from the place my partner and I love.


Days per year in the great outdoors 😊


Countries full of people I get to work closely with


Fully remote since February and not looking back!

My partner also likes the outdoors and is currently learning to sail. In the evenings, we sit on our porch overlooking a small creek. Thanks to Nortal’s remote-first approach, I get to contribute to world-class digital innovation and we get to be in this beautiful place. We feel lucky every day! 

Justin Woodum

Talent Intelligence Analyst

Northwest Washington

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