All Good in Egypt!

BR, Kim

I had never tried working remotely abroad before, but since I knew Nortal offers this opportunity, and my wife loved the idea, we decided to get on a plane and go abroad for a month.

Fastforward. We’re in Egypt. With the sun shining every day, the beach just a few steps away from our hotel room, and some of the most famous sights in the world to explore.

Imagine having lunch outside on the terrace in the sun, taking a dip in the Red Sea after a long day on your laptop, or exploring the Egyptian pyramids on a regular Tuesday evening. That was our life during this trip – it was absolutely amazing!

This kind of change of scenery gives me so much more motivation and inspiration!

As I sipped on my morning coffee and put on my headset to tune in on the first Teams call of the day with my team, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the remote first way of working and the freedom my work offers.

Working remotely abroad didn’t affect my work schedule at all, of course much thanks to the fact that Egypt is in the same time zone as Finland. On the contrary, I definitely believe this kind of experience motivates me to perform even better at work. Looking at the sea whilst working, being able to eat lunch outside in the sun by the sea everyday and experiencing new cultures and sights is such a nice change to what my days look like normally.


Customer project successfully delivered


Vibrant cities with amazing cultural sights visited


Wonders of the world seen in real-life

All in all, we visited 6 locations in Egypt, and finished our time abroad with a long weekend in Athens. In other words, we definitely had time to immerse ourselves in a new and different culture!

Kim Aitto-oja

Customer Success Manager

Oulu, Finland

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