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Picture yourself debugging code on a sun-kissed beach, brainstorming algorithms in a cozy mountain retreat, or collaborating with a global team in a vibrant café. With our Nortal Nomad program, you can embrace a remote-first approach, shaping your environment and fueling creativity.

I had been itching to try remote work for a while. I even dragged my laptop all over Lithuania just to get a taste of that location-independent life.

But when my partner jumped on the flexible work train, we knew it was time to take the show on the road. Spain was the original plan, but let me tell you, our wanderlust had other ideas. Our map quickly filled up with more spots to explore, and we couldn’t resist the call to venture beyond our initial plans.

While in Spain, I decided to visit my team in Finland, adding one more country to the list.

It was time to take the show on the road

Our three-month journey in Spain alongside my partner, dog, and laptop undoubtedly enriched our photo collection and changed my outlook on work. Embracing the nomadic lifestyle, I traveled 15,000 kilometers, ventured through seven countries, and even organized a business trip while on the go.

Recap of the journey


months in Spain


countries visited throughout the journey


kilometers on the road

As a fellow developer, I’ve got three golden recommendations for my nomadic engineering people: rock-solid noise-canceling headphones; ample trunk space for a slick monitor arm; and never, ever leave your trusty mouse, pad, and beloved keyboard behind.

Edgaras Liepa

Edgaras Liepa

Lead .NET Developer

Kaunas, Lithuania

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