Social Affairs and Employment

Our goal is to help people get their governments’ best through seamless e-services that don’t require lengthy processes and special knowledge, but advance trust and inclusion.


Automating to build trust

Nortal helps governments provide seamless services for its citizens, which increases social inclusion and justice by eliminating red tape and making resources readily available to those entitled to them. Automatic data checks and algorithms that follow complex regulations allow citizens and staff to be freed of lengthy application processes by exporting data from registries. Systems built by us also support the administration by increasing back-office efficiency and eliminating errors through automation and machine-assisted decision-making while keeping the processes transparent and controllable.



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Public Employment Services

Efficiency and trust through back-office automation and excellent user experience.

Smart public employment services enable significant improvement and speed of, and capability for, service delivery while supporting end users every step of the way. With the focus on people, it allows even more personalized services, all without increasing staff. The result is a decrease in operating costs and increased trust between the unemployed and the organization.

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Family Benefits

The world's first proactive public service.

Family benefits allow parents and caretakers to worry less. And so should the service for applying for benefits. Instead of a lengthy application process, applying for family benefits requires as few as two clicks. When a child is born, the population registry entry will activate all following services without the parents needing to apply. Based on complex algorithms, an automated system repeatedly validates data via the different registers necessary to approve benefits and the entitled sums.


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