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Advanced planning and scheduling

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is the pacemaker of a factory or manufacturing facility. With it, raw materials and production capacity can be allocated optimally to meet demand. It is the best way to make your processes leaner.

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS), also known as Production Planning, is the interpreter between production, operations and business systems. Using APS significantly shortens lead time. You can also lower your inventories, streamline material flow and use your resources more efficiently.

Conventional production planning and scheduling systems produce a rough schedule. It is not feasible as such, since every department has to modify it to make it usable. This breaks the material flows between processes. Modern APS solutions synchronize the pace and create a feasible plan for the whole chain. The planning tool has to be able to model close to 100% of the production processes and restrictions in order to produce a viable plan for every single resource.


How can Nortal help with advanced planning and scheduling?

Nortal’s APS solutions put just-in-time (JIT) philosophy into practice. It creates schedules that fully integrate sales, manufacturing and purchasing into one process. You can visualize, optimize and simulate conditions in production. You can make correct decisions beforehand, while taking into account deadlines, available capacity and costs.

Software Suite of Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Asprova APS

Asprova is the market leader for production scheduling in Japan. The tool used by the world’s elite of Lean production, Asprova is an agile and progressive Advanced Planning and Scheduling System.

With more than 2000 implementations worldwide, Asprova fits the needs of companies of all sizes from small businesses to large global corporations. It processes information from the ERP and MES and coordinates the optimal execution of the production, all the while considering all resource restrictions.

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ROB-EX Scheduler solves planning tasks in discrete, project and semi-process oriented production environments.

ROB-EX Scheduler is a software tool designed to help companies with the detailed planning and scheduling of production. It is based on universal planning terms and practical know-how. It allows users to simulate, optimize and balance the impact of schedule changes on resources and delivery times. The standard software suite provides customers a cost-effective solution with the possibility of configuring and adjusting it to the majority of needs and demands.

ROB-EX Scheduler operates as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and/or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Create powerful closed loop scheduling by integrating production orders from ERP with real-time tracking of actual events in the shop floor and production schedules. It allows several users to share and work simultaneously in the same production plan, which improves departmental coordination and supports multi-site planning.

Nortal is an official ROB-EX Solution Provider. Our experts bring together a unique blend of Lean methodologies with practical, customer-oriented advisory and implementation services to build a scheduling solution based on ROB-EX.

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