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Process Mining

Process mining uses specialized data-mining algorithms to analyze event data, whether it be logged steps in your business processes or mouse clicks in your IT systems.

Understand, measure and optimize any kind of process. Process mining uses specialized algorithms to analyze event data. It can be anything from logged steps in your business processes or mouse clicks in your IT systems. You can reverse-engineere the process from the data itself. Metrics like average lead time or conformance to the model can be calculated directly from the data and visualized in an easy-to-understand way.

Process mining differs from classical Business Intelligence in that it uses noise filtering and sequential pattern detection.

After the initial setup, you can perform the analysis automatically as often as you like. This can be a great way to receive daily insight into your organization.


How can Nortal help with Process Mining?

Nortal helps you see patterns, spot variations and locate areas for improvement inside your processes.

Nortal will help you in defining the candidate processes for mining, mapping of data and systems, analysis of the data, and translation of findings into actionable insights.


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