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Data science

Even with business intelligence systems and regular reporting there is still a wealth of uncovered value in every enterprise's existing data. Nortal's experienced data scientists know how to excavate the gems from your data collection history.

Every single enterprise collects massive amounts of data regardless of business area. Nortal’s data science team have a long track record of finding new angles to examine data that differs from the usual analysis mindset. We also know how to share the valuable information from our experiences and maybe even challenge the existing analytics team. We have a host of tools like regression analysis, decision trees and deep learning that we can apply to deliver critical business insight from your data. Also, we can merge existing datasets on a large scale or use supervised or unsupervised machine learning to discover new information in your data. Get real-time valuable information and confront your challenges with all of your data at your disposal.


How can Nortal help with Data science?

Data is the new oil of every business. It is a source of immense value and properly analyzed can yield great returns. Most companies still sit on their data and don’t plunge into their digital wealth. Our unique cross-industry approach in data science services can help you analyze your existing data. We can help you find new efficiency in your current operations or even discover new business models.


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