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In today’s omnichannel commerce environment, meeting customer demands can be a challenge

Businesses today face the pressure of delivering seamless interactions across internal and external users. Off-the-shelf solutions alone aren’t enough to meet the demands of organizations with complex buying structures and back-end integrations. Nortal helps you implement an e-commerce platform that will keep up with dynamic user needs, and respond to unique and complicated business requirements.



Empowering your business for streamlined commerce

We start with identifying your unique business needs and work with you to pick the right-fit lean e-commerce product. We utilize technology to fit into your business rather than implementing a platform that forces your business to conform to it. Keeping your goals in focus, we help you select, customize and implement the right technology tools for long-term success.



Digital commerce assessment

Our digital commerce assessment enables your sustainable growth by ensuring that the right technology is developed for your business needs. During the assessment, our expert team is immersed in an onsite deep-dive into your organization to gain a better understanding of your business goals and objectives.
We will uncover how e-commerce solutions will work within your ecosystem, identifying what could happen upstream and downstream that could have future implications. Assessment engagements can range from strategy, digital commerce readiness, architectural mapping, near-term goal definition, long-distance e-commerce objective definition and the establishment of development roadmaps.



Custom development and implementation

Nortal’s core offering is an integrated, cross-functional software development team. Successful teams combine developers’ individual skills, technical expertise and experience. Our teams typically range from three to eight people and include a mix of architecture, development, project management, and quality and deployment services. Projects are run iteratively via Kanban-based project management, utilizing Continuous Delivery best practices providing low-risk, predictable and iterative feature deployments.



Enterprise cloud management and extended solution support

Our work isn’t done when implementation is complete. Nortal is pleased to offer optional enterprise cloud management and extended solutions support to our clients. The ECM and ESS processes have roots in Google’s site reliability engineering best practices. Our engineers and strategic solution partners operate with a “cloud first” mentality.

Throughout the development process, Nortal will build an effective delivery pipeline and infrastructure with as much automation as possible. This DevOps and CI/CD rooted platform relieves our experts from infrastructure activities, and allows them to offer ongoing enterprise cloud management (ECM).

For organizations looking to mitigate difficulties and costs with major upgrades, keeping solutions up-to-date is often the answer. Nortal offers extended solutions support (ESS) by providing team members to assist you with minor feature functionality enhancements, vendor patches, and solutions assistance.

Together, Nortal’s ECM and ESS services provide your businesses with the greatest level of coverage for your solutions without the need to hire additional resources to manage and maintain the infrastructure or storefront.



We know that selecting the foundational technology for your e-commerce is a daunting task

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. We have encountered many e-commerce software solutions, and we’re pleased to partner with the best technology providers in the industry who offer easily -customized, open-source solutions.

Features of our partner technologies include:

  • Architecture built on microservices using leading open-source technologies
  • Solutions enhancements designed to mitigate platform upgrade challenges
  • Managed, Cloud and SaaS-based offerings
  • 100% flexibility and creativity for e-commerce set-up and industry-leading dynamic customer experiences