Together with our customers, we are redefining how businesses, governments and healthcare institutions operate. We are creating seamless societies – ultimately, a seamless world.


We close the gap between strategy and execution

Strategy vs. execution – we believe they are of equal importance in successfully implementing large-scale and high-impact digital transformation. Nortal is known for our deep industry knowledge and strategy consulting, paired with executing at speed and in quality. We take full ownership and close the gap between strategy and execution to deliver meaningful impact for our customers and shape the future together.


Solutions that our world needs – and people love

Nortal creates value for customers and helps increase a competitive edge by combining a user-centric and data-fueled approach with in-depth domain expertise. We help our customers imagine and create digital services and solutions that work seamlessly, leaving time for things that truly matter.



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Innovation consulting

Bringing together domain expertise and a deep understanding of the technology-development curve with a user-centric approach allows us to define challenges, identify opportunities and explore solutions in a fresh, meaningful way.

To continue on the path of growth and continuous development, organizations need to continually rethink and redefine the existing processes, services and models they operate. We work toward sustainable growth and improved resilience to help our customers achieve long-term success.

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Management consulting

Our consultants help leading businesses, governments and healthcare institutions stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing environment shaped by digital trends, increasing customer expectations and competition.

We combine long-term consulting experience with in-depth industry knowledge to transform some of the world’s leading organizations and drive sustainable growth. Our expertise includes digital strategy, policy consulting, change management, process optimization and innovation consulting.

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Technology leadership

Technologies are changing exponentially, reshaping how businesses and organizations operate across industries. We are drawing on a wealth of expertise to help our customers find an appropriate technology strategy to deliver results – with speed, scale and elasticity.

Combining long-term industry experience with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, we help our customers navigate the changing technology ecosystem to find a suitable mix of technologies and services to improve resilience and stay ahead of the competition.



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