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We create a positive impact through design that is distinctive and substantially improves your business performance. We realize your most innovative ideas.




Growth by Design

Nortal takes the seed of your idea and transforms it into innovation. By interconnecting strategy, data analytics, and UX and UI design, we devise the best tangible solution with measurable evidence of supporting your business’s growth. Nortal leverages design-thinking methods to reimagine your services and improve their usability and accessibility to meet customer needs at every touchpoint in their user journey. We create smart and seamless user experiences by iterating through rapid prototyping and one-day design sprints, ensuring a successful product launch.



We deliver validated solutions

Seamless insurance services for more than one million UAE citizens

We raised the customer user experience to an entirely new level by transferring the whole customer journey to digital channels, providing a new communications plateau where e-services are accessed simultaneously via the responsive web and an app.


Upgrading the gateway to government information and e-services

By increasing user-experience quality through intuitive design and personalization, we made state services even more accessible to everyone who has to communicate with the Republic of Estonia.

Building digital infrastructure for the city of Wuppertal

We took the city of Wuppertal a step toward a seamless e-society by making the fragmented city services accessible to its citizens through a single digital channel.

Neste: Finding out your fuel’s origin can be seamless

New service allows Neste to manage its highly complicated supply chains and track supplier sustainability and bio-oil compliance. A kind of LinkedIn for bio suppliers.

In addition to visual innovations, cooperation with Nortal has helped us improve the UX of the state portal through better navigation logic and findability of services and information. The new design has received a lot of positive feedback.
— Raimo Reiman

Head of Estonian State Portal Department

How we work

Innovation starts from collaboration

Collaboration is the secret sauce for innovation. When we work together, we can solve complex problems and unlock new possibilities to deliver the best possible services and user experiences. Furthermore, by relying on customer insights, we create empathy-driven solutions that deliver positive change and innovation that matters.


Our approach

Customer journey map

Visualize customer journey

The customer-journey map is a tool to visualize the experience of interacting with your service or product from the customer’s point of view. This map is critical because it forces you to look at how your customers experience your service versus how you think they do.

Problem statement canvas

Find the right problem

Use the simplified problem statement canvas to get to the core of the problem you’re trying to solve with your product or service. This is a solid starting point that will make building the right solution much easier.

Empathy map

Understand your customer

Mapping what the end-user says, does, thinks and feels about your product or service will help you gain a more in-depth insight and shared understanding of the user’s actual needs.

Stakeholder map

Discover the influencers

Stakeholder mapping and prioritization help identify people who are either interested in or who affect a project. It will help ensure that all necessary people get involved and that everyone understand a project’s goals and expectations.

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We are always happy to brainstorm to find the best solutions for your specific challenges.


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Let’s prototype and validate your solution, product or idea in one hour. We will help you create the best possible services and user experiences that deliver change and innovation that matters.



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