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We bring your innovative ideas and proof of concepts to life by empowering your business and people through data and AI. 


Value through innovation

Data and analytics are beyond plain insights for better business decisions; instead, they hold the potential to yield fantastic returns. An organization with a full overview of its data can turn this information to its advantage — well-organized data allows an enterprise to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and sales, increase customer satisfaction and innovate like never before. Uncovering the hidden gems, however, demands the right tools and the right approach. Nortal can put you on top of your data game.


Empowering people through the virtues of AI

AI is everywhere, helping you, whether you notice it or not – finding you the best route through traffic or finding the most relevant search results. Now, it is time that we harness the power of AI to reshape our lives and the organizations where we work for a more refined, more efficient way of operating.

Power over your data

Unifying the vast amounts of information across an organization is the key to becoming a truly data-driven business, thus, leading to optimizations and new revenue sources. Nortal has a proven track record designing and building solutions to enable the shift from siloed departments to well-aligned and fact-based decisions. Through the use of data platforms, detailed reporting, advanced analytics and machine learning, we can help you better understand your business challenges and overcome them.


How we work

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Discovery workshops & feasibility study

The path to success starts with knowing the right thing. Therefore, Nortal’s experts dive in at a very early phase of the project to identify the most valuable ideas and assess their technical feasibility. We create a solid business case through service design, data architecture and analysis, and proof-of-value solutions, setting the stage for building a minimum viable product (MVP).

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Minimum viable product (MVP)

Whether the solution involves classical reporting, large-scale data platforms or applying machine learning to help AI improve your business, we will combine expertise across Nortal to provide a turn-key solution promptly.

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Full-scale solution roll-out

We are specialized in large-scale, high-impact projects. We will expand the MVP solution through an iterative, feedback-driven approach. In addition to new features delivering high value, this includes further automation of the data pipelines, in-depth advanced analytics and optimization of the machine learning models.


Tools to unleash your digital power

Data science

Even with business intelligence systems and regular reporting, there is still a wealth of uncovered value in every enterprise’s existing data. Nortal’s experienced data scientists know how to excavate the gems from your data-collection history.

Process mining

Specialized data-mining algorithms analyze event data, whether logged steps in your business processes or mouse clicks in your IT systems.

Data radar

A comprehensive new tool for data governance, DataRadar provides an overview of the data an organization has and creates a fully fact-based data map.

Computer vision

Computer vision excels at high volumes of complex but routine tasks, providing highly valuable insights and assistance to human operators or improving existing processes.

Predictive analytics

The agility to respond to changes is a key success factor for any company, but those that can predict disturbances before they happen have a real competitive advantage.

Big data lifecycle

Optimizing your infrastructure and analytics platform is key to becoming a data-driven organization capable of leveraging advanced analytics and machine-learning models.

Data and analytics

Harness the full potential of your data

The most successful analytics and AI projects come to life when business opportunities, software implementations and data solutions seamlessly solve value-driven use cases. We will guide you through the entire journey from business analysis to data streaming, solution development, advanced analytics and machine learning.


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Indrek Velthut

Indrek Velthut

Head of Data, Analytics and AI

Indrek has more than 10 years of experience creating large-scale solutions and bringing innovative machine learning to enterprises. He has helped businesses identify and implement high-value data and AI solutions, enabling fact-based decision making and improving our daily lives.

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