Continuous Services

With continuous services, we ensure that your business is up and running and stays that way. From service maintenance to change management, Nortal takes care of your systems so you can focus on your business.


We take care of your software’s entire lifecycle

An enterprise can only succeed when its services and processes are operating reliably. Therefore, just like taking care of your equipment, it’s equally important to mind the software that’s running your operations. Looking out for your software’s entire lifecycle is essential to secure your business from unpredictable system failures. Having systems running smoothly without interruptions also allows bandwidth for more value-added work, such as innovation and development activities, increasing the competitiveness of your company.


Keeping all the systems on track

We provide the best possible experts, tools and methods, with a proper governance model to manage the entire lifecycle of your company’s software. We guarantee your services continuity through transparent and efficient maintenance and development. We react quickly and resolve incidents by identifying their root causes, preventing the errors from happening in the first place. Furthermore, we will take ownership of all the key processes, from service maintenance to change management, to fully support the operational excellence of your business.


Holistic support and development

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Service desk

RUN - support and maintenance

The service desk takes care of system monitoring and alerts, incident management and installations, while updates are handled centrally. We make sure that your systems work seamlessly. Plus, through proactive and timely measures, we prevent errors from occurring.

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BUILD – further development and architecture

An experienced DevOps team ensures efficient development work. Not only are the systems maintained, we also help you to develop and innovate them further. Thus, increasing the competitiveness of your business.

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Service management

MANAGE - from service maintenance to change management

The service management model ensures that operations are transparent, controlled and efficient.

Nortal provides Terveystalo with support and maintenance services for jointly developed systems and provides further development according to the need.
— Juha Juosila, Chief Digital Officer, Terveystalo

Nortal Continuous Services is based on ITIL​

Nortal’s continuous services model is based on ITIL, common best practices, years of experience, and the ability to adapt perfectly to the customer environment and ways of working.


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Petri Rönkkö

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Petri is a business and sales leader with more than 15 years of IT experience in different areas, including software development, data management, cloud computing and evolutionary architectures. He has helped organizations with their digital and business transformation journeys, relaying the power of technology, cloud...

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