No cloud journey is the same. Nortal accelerates cloud modernization with high-scale, automated solutions that prioritize security and performance.


Paving the way to cloud

Deploying to the cloud requires a deep understanding of technology and a clear strategic vision of your goals. Our experienced, certified engineers will guide you through your cloud journey from strategy through development and implementation. Your unique business goals will shape the strategies and solutions needed to help you scale with velocity and flexibility.

3 steps to help align cloud usage to your business strategy

Cloud Transformation

3 steps to help align cloud usage to your business strategy

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In recent years there has been an explosion of new developments in software, the modern driver of business innovation. These advances — along with cloud computing’s promise to accelerate business, redefine business models and in some cases trim costs — have driven a strong interest in migrating to a cloud infrastructure. In fact, Gartner predicts the worldwide public cloud services market will grow about 17 percent in 2019 to total $206.2 billion. Those numbers are not surprising, given the tremendous opportunities made possible by cloud services. Still, when considering a cloud strategy, it’s important to align cloud usage to your organization’s business and IT strategy.


Crafting in the Cloud

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Multi-Cloud Competencies

We create a technology strategy that fits your evolving workloads. Nortal combines strong enterprise architecture and distributed environment knowledge with cloud-provider expertise and a modern software approach. This proficiency provides secure, cost-optimized and efficient solutions, on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud competencies

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Modernization & Refactoring

With your business in the cloud, your software strategy should support continual improvement. Modernization and refactoring enable event-driven architecture that adds resiliency, testability and repeatability.

Cloud competencies

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Automated Cloud Operations

We apply a GitOps process implementing Continuous Deployment and focusing on a developer-centric experience when operating infrastructure. With a GitOps approach, the Git repository always contains declarative descriptions of the infrastructure currently desired and an automated process to make the different environments match the described state in the repository. GitOps implementation supports automatic resource creation and deletion, including a full audit trail of the infrastructure history.

Cloud competencies

Cloud partners


Integrated teams, overseas

Our KPI-driven delivery teams span the Atlantic from North America to Europe. Nortal leverages distributed teams for change and project management to deliver complex solutions that keep up with your dynamic needs. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary delivery teams orchestrate and take full ownership of digital transformation from strategy to technology.


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Petri Rönkkö

Petri Rönkkö

Business Area Director, FMS (Forest, Manufacturing & Services)

Petri is a business and sales leader with more than 15 years of IT experience in different areas, including software development, data management, cloud computing and evolutionary architectures. He has helped organizations with their digital and business transformation journeys, relaying the power of technology, cloud...

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