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Get ahead of the competition: How to win the industrial data game

The most expensive resource in the world, data, can give any organization a significant competitive edge. However, just collecting data from different sources is not enough, and things can get even more complicated when you need to introduce a new piece of equipment to the shop floor. We know how to tackle these situations. Read the white paper and find out how your factory can be sure you’re taking advantage of the full potential of your data.

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How to win the industrial data game

Introducing new equipment to the factory floor is a happy event that can turn sour when people realize not enough effort has been exerted on the data strategy for the new equipment. Purchasing new machinery is an expensive and complex business that can result in a more transparent and efficient production process, but only if you are smart about your data. Here are a few things to consider on your journey to winning the industrial data game.


Data can give you a competitive edge

The journey to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing is not something that you immediately master; you need a foundation first. Having a holistic data strategy that interconnects data from different sources is the first step towards the world of predictive analytics. Data has been declared the most valuable resource in the world; data is the new oil. Don’t spill it on the floor, put it to good use. Nortal helps industries win at the industrial data game.


Harnessing the full potential of industrial data

An organization that has a full overview of their data can turn this information to their advantage. It gives them an opportunity to understand their business and manufacturing better. Comparable data from different stages of production can be used in predictive analytics that help factories stay two steps ahead of the game, and their competitors.

Having top quality well-organized data allows an enterprise to understand how to improve production, decrease waste and even explore new business models. Industry 4.0 is a crucial part of our overall offering to help clients with their digital business strategy. With a data-driven approach, we help clients integrate and redesign their processes and operations from shop-floor to top-floor.


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Ergin Tuganay

Ergin Tuganay

Partner, Head of Data & IoT

Ergin Tuganay, Partner and Head of Industry 4.0 at Nortal has 15 years of experience on a wide range of areas in industrial automation and data driven technology. He has helped several small, medium and large scale industrial clients in digitalizing their manufacturing operations to...

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