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The Principles of Zero Trust


For our latest episode of Teach your Niche, Taze Miller, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, is our guest speaker! Jeff Ramsdale, Technical Director at Nortal US, and Josh Goodrich, Solutions Architect at Nortal US host the discussion for an in-depth look at The Principles of Zero Trust best practices and tips for implementation. This podcast is in English. 

Podcast Overview: [0:00-22:22]

  • Definition of Zero Trust
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Challenges of implementing Zero Trust
  • Components needed for implementation
  • Zero Trust use case
  • How to get started

More Information on Zero Trust by Nortal and AWS

AWS Tools Mentioned:

AWS Identity & Access Management  (IAM)
AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA)
AWS IoT Device Management 
Amazon SMS
Amazon Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2)
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

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Thought Leaders

Jeff Ramsdale

Jeff Ramsdale

Technical Director

Taze Miller

Taze Miller

Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Josh Goodrich

Josh Goodrich

Solutions Architect