Teach your Niche with Nortal

Infinite Headless Commerce Scaling


In a special edition of Teach your Niche, VP of Technology, Jesse Krautwurst, VP of Client Services, Areos Ledesma, and Torben Giesselmann, a Senior Solutions Architect from Elastic Path. This podcast is in English.

Podcast Overview: [0:00-22:30]

Introduction to Elastic Path
How Elastic Path and Nortal work together
Benefits of the Elastic Path and Nortal partnership
How headless commerce increases adaptability
How Elastic Path and Nortal enabled a highly anticipated telecommunications device launch
How headless platforms open up commerce channels
The importance of system integrators

Tool Mentioned:

Elastic Path

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Thought Leaders

Jesse Krautwurst

Jesse Krautwurst

VP of Technology

Areos Ledesma

Areos Ledesma

Partner and VP of Client Services

Torben Giesselmann

Torben Giesselmann

Senior Solutions Architect - Elastic Path