Modern Software Delivery Solution

Software Development Lifecycle

Nortal develops software development life cycle (SDLC) best practices by learning new technology that the industry offers and through continually refining our craft.



By implementing software, delivery and modernization best practices, our teams create forward thinking solutions for our customers.

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Technology Roadmap

Building great software is what we do. By constantly pursuing new technologies and tooling, our technology landscape evolves the way we optimize, accelerate, expand, and respond to dynamic environments.


Continuous Delivery

The key to a fast time to market is continuous integration and delivery. Our developers create efficiency from feature conception to delivery by automating everything and implementing repeatable builds.

Agile Practices

Our developers create business value for clients through measuring agile’s impact. We capture a story that is realistic for the team to implement and validate that it meets client needs and deliver it to production.


From design, to development, then to deployment, our integrated developer team model owns the Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which is true DevOps.