Modern Software Delivery Solution

User Interface Development

Equipped with engineering proficiency to the client-side, Nortal can scale your front-end while optimizing key performance metrics. Incorporating end-to-end testing aligned to your CI/CD automation, customize service integrations to your user experience.



Nortal works with Angular, an open-source web application framework, delivering cross-platform experiences while providing speed and performance through universal front-end languages, SEO optimization, code generation frameworks and automatic code splitting.


Building user interfaces and components is made easy through React, an open-source JavaScript library. Create simple and stateful components or applications, while using external plugins with predictable, declarative code.


Vue.js is an open-source, JavaScript framework for building front end user interfaces and single-page applications. Nortal can help scale this versatile ecosystem from a library to a full-featured framework, with easy adoption from HTML, CSS and JavaScript know-how.


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With scalability and accessibility in mind, Nortal develops front-end architectures that are user friendly. Our teams develop solutions that integrate with analytical tools that measure performance to continuously improve the UI.

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Testing is a critical part of projects to preserve project integrity, evaluate data, and ensure application flow. Nortal works with testing best practices including end-to-end testing to integrate libraries, A/B testing for releases, and feature flag testing.

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Leverage service integrations to orchestrate shareable social media buttons, enable affiliate linking, or embed a help desk support or ticketing services, creating a connected user experience for all customer touch-points. Nortal makes it seamless to assemble, manage, and direct interapplication requests and responses to your application server.

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Performance is key to retaining website traffic. Understanding and implementing essential load metrics from first contentful paint (FCP) to time-to-interactive (TTI) to create a performant front-end, Nortal can improve conversions, increase organic traffic and help retain users.

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Help customers perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with your user interface seamlessly. Nortal can instrument assistive technologies and functionalities to represent visual information and guide users to understand and digest content quickly.

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Test & Learn

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your UI development by solving visitor pain points through A/B and multivariate testing. Nortal can help you increase ROI by defining what metrics are important to your front-end. Whether it be customer loyalty, time-to-interactive, or increased time on site, a robust test and learn process can help you understand how visitors interact with your website.