Modern Software Delivery Solution

Custom Software Development

Nortal’s custom software development services encompass designing, building, testing, deploying, and observing software. With a nimble approach, our cross-disciplinary teams work faster to create efficiencies.




Nortal combines software, delivery and modernization best practices to build custom software solutions with an agile approach.


Modern Software Delivery Lifecycle




We work with teams on the client site to deep dive into their tech stack and analyze what needs to be built. Our developers and product owners then use our expertise to design solutions that meet your business needs.


By leveraging agile and kanban technology, our technical project managers enable our developers to build modern applications that reduce cycle time to create efficiencies.


Nortal utilizes a variety of testing best practices for canary and blue-green deployments including feedback loops, testing and automation, information radiators, A/B and performance testing.



We leverage CI/CD, canary and blue-green, IaC, and hybrid strategies to deploy immutable infrastructure that allows for minimal to no downtime.


Our developers observe deployed software for visibility and analysis by monitoring, tracing, alerting, logging, self-healing, and auto scaling through development metrics.

Cloud First


Cloud First

Nortal’s cloud first approach to custom software development accelerates modernization with high-scale, automated solutions that prioritize business needs, security, and performance.