Modernization & Refactoring

With your business in the cloud, your software strategy should support continual improvement. Modernization and refactoring enable event driven architecture that adds resiliency, testability and repeatability.


Migrate your legacy systems


Legacy software needs modernizing in order to continually improve your team’s performance. With the power of serverless and microservices, modernization creates resilient, testable and traceable software.

Transform your applications


Businesses need systems that are scalable, agile and making continuous improvements. Driven by containers and microservices, refactoring enables cloud-native applications that compartmentalize business functions.

How the Cloud can protect your enterprise

Data Protection

How the Cloud can protect your enterprise

In July of this year, one hacker compromised 100 million of Capital One credit card applications, making it one of the top 10 largest data breaches ever. Although Capital One is powered by Amazon Web Services, the individual gained access through misconfiguration of the web application and not the underlying cloud-based infrastructure. This isn’t the…


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Light Weight

Scale your application architecture using microservices, organized around the capabilities of your business. Nortal can help you accelerate development by independently deploying a collection of loosely coupled services that are highly maintainable and testable.

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Service Meshes

API Friendly

Support complex distributed applications brought together through built-in networking called a service mesh. Nortal can configure an infrastructure layer capable of load balancing, service discovery, encryption, observability, traceability, authentication and authorization using application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Create a fully packaged and portable compute environment through container technology. Nortal can abstract the operating system and encapsulate everything your application needs to run – binaries, libraries, configuration files and dependencies – running your application much like a lightweight virtual machine.

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Reduce Maintenance

Serverless allows developers to offload operational burdens to the cloud by scaling automatically, responding to events, and focusing on a single feature. Nortal’s team of software engineers use serverless to run, scale, repair, and connect the software that development teams often create, which reduces time to market and overhead costs.

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Event-Driven Architectures


Build a flexible system that can adapt to changes and decisions in real time, through an event-driven architecture. Nortal can add resiliency to your architecture by using events to trigger and communicate between decoupled producer services and consumer services.


Continuous Delivery

The key to a fast time to market is continuous integration and delivery. Our developers create efficiency from feature conception to delivery by automating everything and implementing repeatable builds.