Cloud solution

Internet of Things (IoT)

From data governing, edge computing, digital twin technology, and device management, Nortal’s ability to connect, process, store, and analyze device data at the edge and in the cloud drives data based business value.


Data Governance

The boost in enterprise data exposes the need for security and analytics. Our team manages machine learning, big data, event journaling, security, and device provisioning to minimize risk and harness data’s insights.

Edge Computing

Edge computing provides the best of both worlds including services running close to end users for fast responses on secure networks and the ability to perform heavy data processing and data aggregation. Nortal utilizes the cloud to manage edge devices and ensure processes are run at the optimal point for speed, security, availability.


Edge computing: When will the reality catch up with the hype?

The digital trade press is packed with news about edge computing, the hottest trend in internet of things (IoT). It’s hard to overstate just how much stock the tech world is putting in “edge” at the moment.


Security Solutions

IoT pushes innovation and with that comes security concerns. Our team implements security best practices through device provisioning so users can access their device, but outsiders can’t hack their information. Nortal also leverages different hardware backed security solutions that generate tokens to a specific device using Azure’s HSM, X.509 certificates, and built-in security from cloud platforms like  Azure IoT Hub and AWS GreenGrass.

Influx Time Series Database

Solution Accelerator

Influx Time Series Database

Nortal works with the robust Influx Time Series Database. The open source version of Influx allows for rapid prototyping and development, while the cloud and enterprise options allows your project to scale with elasticity and high availability. When used in conjunction with Azure IoT Hub it can be a powerful data historian for IoT device telemetry.

Industry 4.0 Expertise

Leverage Data to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Within digital industrial technology, data is easier to gather and analyze within the automation process. This will enable proactive and flexible processes so businesses can produce real-time production line analytics.