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Amazon MSK

Amazon MSK uses open-source Apache Kafka APIs to ingest and process large volumes of streaming data from multiple sources. Managed Apache Kafka means that you spend less time building, managing and securing Kafka clusters, allowing more time to analyze and react to streaming data.

Success Spotlight: Amazon MSK


Global Telecommunications and Technology provider

Mitigated risk to system stability, while advancing the system to a modernized state.

Success Spotlight: Amazon MSK


Global Telecommunications and Technology provider

A more secure environment having implemented the latest security guidelines.

Success Spotlight: Amazon MSK

Operational Ease

Global Telecommunications and Technology provider

Managed services solution relieved technical teams administration burden.

“The migration to MSK from the legacy Kafka implementation was fairly smooth. Beyond patching, not a lot of heavy operational load to perform the transition to the new service.” Global Telecommunications and Technology Provider
Success Spotlight: Apache Kafka

Data Accuracy

Global Travel Accommodations website

Data accuracy went from 94% to 99.99999% as a result of the implementation.

Success Spotlight: Apache Kafka


Global Travel Accommodations website

Eliminated reliance on client-machine performance, by collecting user data on server-side

Success Spotlight: Apache Kafka

Network Requests

Global Travel Accommodations website

Saved nearly 30 megabytes over the wire transfer – between 300-700 network requests per page, per use.


Use Cases


Streaming ETL


Decoupled Microservices

Real-Time Web & Log Analytics

Transaction & Event Sourcing

Metrics & Log Aggregation


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Nortal has accumulated extensive experience at various clients in event streaming platforms including open source Apache Kafka, Amazon MSK and Amazon Kinesis. Our team of software experts can help:

Assess your current event streaming and processing setup for optimal target state topology

Provide infrastructure and data migration services, including but not limited to Amazon MSK

Drive optimizations in developer experience, TCO and delivery of data-driven insights to your business and operations