Advanced Partner

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS Advanced Partner, our certified architects and developers are recognized technicians who possess the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing, deploying and managing applications on AWS.


AWS Competency

Modernizing Zappos’ Data Loader

Cloud Transformations

Modernizing Zappos’ Data Loader

The Analytics Data Loader is an application dedicated to parsing and processing terabytes of data supplied by multiple digital properties owned by Zappos (an Amazon company) including websites and mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Serverless Compute

Lambda Service Delivery

Nortal is a certified Lambda Service Delivery partner with AWS. Utilizing serverless infrastructure provides continuous scaling without having to manage servers or upload code, while reducing operational burden and costs.

Seamless Society

Public Sector Service Delivery

Nortal is a leader in the Public Sector Service Delivery with AWS. With decades of work in government, health care, tax, and e-services, Nortal is a proven partner to the Public Sector in the European Union and the Middle East.



01 / 08

Cloud Architecture and Design

Gain a deep understanding of your infrastructure and architecture to drive informed decisions when moving to a public cloud vendor. Nortal will identify key business, operational and technical inhibitors on your cloud journey, delivering a roadmap that reduces friction and accelerates the deployment of workloads.

02 / 08

Advanced Automation

Automation is key to fast, scalable and elastic infrastructure; and to frequent, lower-risk deployments. Nortal can help your organization reduce costs while providing accelerated feedback through efficient testing, resulting in faster time to market for your products and services.

03 / 08

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

As pioneers in Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) best practices, Nortal can improve your software quality with a continuous delivery pipeline. With smaller code changes and faster releases, fault detection, team accountability, and test reliability, implementing an automated CI/CD pipeline delivers agility for your organization.

04 / 08

Application Development

Experience reliability with every new application, as we stage new services to ensure quality and performance before the application goes live. Using modern software practices, Nortal can build, implement, and manage new applications customized to your specific technology needs.

05 / 08

Database Migration and Modernization

Managing a reliable database that scales with your business is expensive and inefficient for developers. Nortal can modernize your databases to scale horizontally and be fully managed for improved performance, security, and availability.

06 / 08

Enterprise Workloads

Upgrade your legacy systems that slow your business down. We will work with you to adopt a modern application development strategy that will improve time to market, expedite operational efficiency, and reduce security risks – by offloading application functionality to cutting-edge asynchronous data processing systems.

07 / 08

AWS Well-Architected Assessment

Guided by AWS’ five pillars, operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization, Nortal can provide a thorough approach to building or refactoring high-performing and secure applications that scale over time.

08 / 08

AWS TCO and Cost Optimization

Improve opex and capex expenditures with AWS’ powerful TCO Analysis. With multiple cost modeling options, Nortal can help you make the right investments with the capacity you need.