Industry 4.0 Solution

Integration Factory

Combine your industrial IT and operational data, applications and services with the most qualified people to innovate and improve like never before. We make it seamless and secure, both at the edge and in the cloud.


Gaining a Competitive Edge

The road to your digitalization journey and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is paved with data integrations. Data is needed when clarifying the big picture, aspiring for predictive maintenance, optimizing and debottlenecking processes, or implementing your data platform or manufacturing systems. Themes like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 are built on moving and combining data, making it accessible in real-time. Without data silos, you have a complete, accurate, and centralized view of your assets and processes and their current state and health. The ability to visualize your asset performance and process efficiencies anytime and anywhere makes you agile and able to react quickly. Nortal can help you no matter where you are along this journey.


Stop Chasing the Data

Did you know that collecting and processing data uses 30% of industry work time? Did you also know that these tasks are easily suitable for automation when using the right expertise and tools? Collecting data and making it agile and accessible not only saves you time but allows you to base your business-critical decisions on actual information as an addition to intuition. Furthermore, democratizing and making the data transparent for your partners, suppliers and customers improves communication and cooperation while building trust within your whole ecosystem.

Continuous Connectivity

The primary purpose of Integration Factory is to bring the Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) together to produce a unified flow of processes and information. Modern industrial control systems provide significant amounts of data. This process data can be turned into an asset when collected, analyzed and visualized in real-time utilizing robust data pipelines, modern data analytics and artificial intelligence together with intuitive data platforms and visualization dashboards.

case study

Reducing smelting time in a steel melt shop

Outokumpu, a world leader in stainless steel, competes with their ability to create the most streamlined process to cast steel. Nortal took them one step further.

Integration Factory

We take your factory to Industry 4.0

We have more than 35 years of experience in industrial IT/OT integrations and feel at home when designing, implementing or supporting your integration solutions both at the edge and in the cloud. We believe in long-lasting relationships where understanding your business, domain and long-term needs are paramount. Whatever we do, we aspire for efficiency, transparency, mutual trust, dedication and meaningful impact.


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