Industry 4.0 Solution

Data Platform

Data is progress. We help your company become an intelligent, data-driven organization harnessing your business’s full value with real-time automated data collection, trustworthy business insights, advanced analytics and machine-learning-based decision making.


Operational Excellence as a Standard

Nortal’s Data Platform gives you full ownership and control over your data with the freedom to choose the service providers and ecosystem partners of your preference. In other words, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat and enable you to bring your company’s real-time data reliably and securely into the hands of the right people: production operators, control engineers, managers, supervisors, R&D, executives or external partners. Thereby, unleashing the potential to increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, ensure consistent quality of products, increase the responsiveness to customer orders, improve worker and environmental safety, ensure regulatory compliance and align overall manufacturing and business goals.


Route to Agility

We will provide your company with higher-level flexibility to adapt to whatever new challenges the market might bring. You will have real-time, trustworthy business insights, and you can see how your processes and fleet of assets are performing and profiting the company. And with more accurate data, you can develop a better vision of how to allocate resources to assets in the future and outmaneuver your competition.

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How to Win the Industrial Data Game

The most expensive resource in the world, data, can give any organization a significant competitive edge. However, just collecting data from different sources is not enough, and things can get even more complicated when you need to introduce a new piece of equipment to the shop floor. We know how to tackle these situations.

Case study

Reducing smelting time in steel melt shop

Outokumpu, a world leader in stainless steel, competes with their ability to create the most streamlined process to cast steel. Nortal took them one step further.

Case study

Lindström: Productivity Soars Thanks to Nortal's Industry 4.0 Solution

Would you like to get replacements for your workwear within a couple of days? Thanks to Nortal, Lindström’s garment manufacturing lead time is down from weeks to one day.

Case study

Oil Terminal Management Made Seamless

Faced with the complex challenges of today’s oil landscape, our customer, a leading European oil company, wanted to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency. Nortal put them at the leading edge of automation with a next-generation Terminal and Delivery Management System (TDMS).


Not Just Data, but the Right Kind

You can only improve what you can measure. Hence, we provide you with meaningful and right kind of data to effectively measure, analyze and improve your manufacturing and supply chain operations. We will streamline your data access from existing machines, business systems, data warehouses and external sources. Without data silos, you have a complete, accurate, and centralized view of your processes and assets and their current state and health. Furthermore, a product-friendly data platform, powered by industry-leading technologies, enables you to build flexible, scalable and robust systems to keep your company agile and in charge of its data and business.


Digitalizing your process is a three-step journey

Data Platform

Building a Holistic Data Strategy

Nortal’s Data Platform is a suite of software and service solutions that works across all source systems, types and sizes of industries and fleet. One size does not fit all. Hence, we help our customers evaluate and choose the best overall solution to fit their current state and future strategy for digitalization. Typically, the main portion of the solution is deployed and hosted securely on an industry-grade cloud of  a customer’s choosing, e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google GCP. Also, selected edge components are deployed on-premises to provide secure integration gateways, low-latency and offline-capable solutions. 

Rest assured that our certified experts combine strong business and technological competency to guide you through the transformation into a data-driven organization – from strategy to technology.

Data Platform

Key Components

  • Standard integrations to 150+ automation devices, databases, APIs and other source systems
  • Ingestion of hot, warm and cold data via streaming and batch pipelines
  • Cleansing, transformation, storage and management of data: time-series, SQL and NoSQL
  • Platform for domain-driven data and API services supported by service catalog and API management
  • Data engineering workbench for advanced data analytics and AI/ML development
  • Scalable and secure networking, storage and compute capacity in cloud
  • DevOps automation (CI/CD) and monitoring

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