Industry 4.0

Harness the power of data from all stages of your industrial process. We digitalize your business from the shop floor to the top floor, bringing you two steps ahead of the game — and your competitors.


Data Powered Progress

With the fourth industrial revolution rapidly gearing up, the importance and value of data are increasing for every organization. This data can give your company an enormous boost in turnover by improving production, decreasing waste and expanding to new business models. We are forerunners in leveraging operational technology combined with modern hybrid cloud and data-driven solutions for optimized manufacturing, supply chain and business processes. With more than 35 years of experience and strategic partnership with leading global industries we help enterprises simplify and optimize complex processes for efficiency, sustainability and agility.




Energy and Utilities

Modern technological innovations are steering the energy and utility industries into a new era. A new level of automation is at the root of this transformation, leading to lower costs, exceptional efficiency, uncompromising sustainability and better productivity. Intelligent integrated software that eliminates manual entries, streamlines operations and harnesses the power of IoT is a true game-changer.


Process Industry

With almost three decades of experience in multiple types of continuous and batch processes we are your one-stop shop in data-driven operations. Combining domain expertise with modern age digitalization craftmanship, we improve efficiency, quality and sustainability of processes dramatically.


Discrete Manufacturing

Whether it be plywood, steel coil or garments, we are forerunners in leveraging operational technology with modern hybrid cloud and data driven solutions for optimized manufacturing supply chain and business processes.


Service Industry

With streamlined processes, digitalization and uncompromised user experience, we take your services to the next level. Built on accurate data and advanced analytics, we help your mobile service engineers perform optimally, keep your customers close and happy or unveil the next big sales opportunity.


Machine Building

By leveraging advances in computing technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Edge, cloud and predictive analytics, machine builders and OEMs are equipped to drive insights and take actions based on data. We are here to help connect the digital and physical worlds and build new solutions to the toughest challenges companies face in growing and operating their businesses.


Digital Transformation

Combining strategy and long-term industry domain know-how with data-driven solutions and innovative technologies, we deliver meaningful impact for leading enterprises, for example in Metals and Mining, Oil and Energy, Forest industry and in other manufacturing sectors. We take full ownership of digital transformation from strategy to technology, thereby helping our customers tackle challenges and prepare for the future.



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