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National Health Record

A National Health Record is a system to fundamentally transform a nation’s healthcare landscape. Once a National Health Record is in place, true digitalization can happen in all medical fields where patient-doctor interaction happens.


Better care through information

A centralized national health record system serves as the foundation for a country’s entire electronic healthcare ecosystem. It integrates data from different healthcare providers to create a unified health record for each patient and enables doctors to provide better care thanks to instant access to their patients’ correct information. It also cuts down costs by reducing the administrative burden, ensures transparency and opens up new opportunities for development.


A system for secure information

National Health Record system integrates standardised data from healthcare providers. A data exchange platform allows only authorized stakeholders access to electronic patient records, which are stored centrally. Easy-to-use web portals not only allow doctors to enter and retrieve information quickly, but also allow patients full access to their medical files.

Benefits of the National Health Record:

  • Improved healthcare sector quality and citizen satisfaction
  • Citizen empowerment and, in turn, increased trust
  • Security and confidentiality of medical data
  • Consolidated data for healthcare policy decision-making
  • More accurate national medical statistics
  • Cheaper transaction cost for healthcare information sharing