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Investor blog

Digital healthcare

Technology can profusely improve healthcare, both for care providers and patients. Keeping up with the latest technology is paramount in healthcare, more than anywhere else. Nortal’s digital healthcare solutions can re-engineer processes for maximum effect and efficiency.


An ecosystem for innovation

A modern and efficient healthcare ecosystem revolves around the patient. Patient-centric ecosystems and its players rely on the use of guarded patient data from various sources, including the patients themselves as data providers and keepers. Therefore, the ecosystem approach therefore must provide patients with clear and simple rules and tools to understand and be able to control access to their data.

With all stakeholders within the ecosystem concentrating on the same thing, cooperation will expand. And the jointly accumulated data will lead to better outcomes thanks to smarter decision-making – be it new services to grow your healthcare provider business or a strategic plan for population health management.

Helping to build what you envision

Nortal helps healthcare institutions and policymakers forge successful strategies, manage change and create the right technology to transform healthcare. We have been implementing large-scale projects in the medical field for more than 15 years, leveraging innovation in areas such as secure data exchange, electronic ID, analytics and privacy. Moreover, we have successfully exported our experience to various countries, knowledgeable about adapting to local settings.

Nortal can create the ecosystem you envision. We always use 100% open APIs to guarantee data liquidity, and our modular approach allows us to build around what you want. We have no vendor lock, and we focus heavily on user experience.


100 x

faster info sharing between doctors and clinics in Estonia


electronic documents submitted to Lithuanian NHR monthly

25 x

lower system maintenance costs in Finland