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Public Employment Services

Helping people back on a career track is a mosaic of decisions and comes with a lot of responsibility. By automating processes and harnessing the power of AI, the focus can be on the people that need help.


The focus on people

Smart unemployment management enables to significantly improve the speed of, and capability for, service delivery while supporting end users every step of the way. With the focus on people, it allows to offer even more personalized services, all without increasing the staff. The result is a decrease in operating costs and increased trust between the unemployed and the organization.


Unique decision-making process

Unemployment management system provides back-office automation that pre-fills forms, creates reminders and notifications, follows complex acts of law to reach the correct decision in each unique case, and cross-checks all data entered into the system, thus taking a large burden off of the specialists. End users – the unemployed – are seeing a system that helps them with career and training choices and guarantees that various unemployment subsidies are always paid on time.


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Andres Raieste

Andres Raieste

Partner and Head of Delivery & Business Development

Andres Raieste, Partner and Head of Delivery & Business Development has conceptualized and executed large-scale digital transformation projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa for more than 10 years. Coming from one of the most digitalized societies in the world, he has been leading large...