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Investor blog

Subsidies management

Managing subsidies should aim for maximum efficiency and minimum administrational costs. Nortal knows the system for achieving that with the addition of making the whole process a pleasure.


Gains of wise subsidies management

An operational system for managing structural funds reduces the risk of errors, eases the grant application process considerably, saves immense amount of time for both the agencies and the applicants, and lowers the administration cost significantly.

Nortal helped Estonia achieve on of the lowest administration cost ratios for managing structural and investment funds in EU member states.


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Andres Raieste

Andres Raieste

Partner and Head of Delivery & Business Development

Andres Raieste, Partner and Head of Delivery & Business Development has conceptualized and executed large-scale digital transformation projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa for more than 10 years. Coming from one of the most digitalized societies in the world, he has been leading large...