Government Finances

Nortal’s government finances consultancy and solutions focus on stimulating the business environment, improving government revenue collection and providing the state with strategic transparency and visibility for dealing more efficiently with the economic cycles.


Nailing the balancing act

For the economy and society to prosper, both industry and government require sustainable growth and investment. Fiscal authorities worldwide are challenged with collecting maximum revenue for building a robust society and infrastructure where businesses can prosper without limiting their opportunities with needless obligations. The challenge of public finance management is to balance short-term needs with long-term goals. Government expenditures, resource mobilization and revenue management form the backbone of the economy. The efficiency and transparency of the budget cycle make the difference between economic growth and decay.


Support for the whole economic cycle

Nortal’s government finances consultancy and solutions cover all key aspects of public finance management: from budget planning to revenue collection and administration, and expenditure management and fiscal statistics for steering the economic processes toward a balance that allows growth and prosperity.

Nortal has consulted customers and implemented solutions for rethinking and improving government finance solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our solutions are a crucial part of critical government infrastructure, improving government revenue and the business environment.



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Government Budgeting

The quality of the budget planning process increases the caliber of budget spending.

Managing the national budget is one of the backbone processes of any government. The process is traditionally lengthy, somewhat ambiguous and causes many governments significant inefficiency in planning and decision-making. Nortal has longstanding experience implementing best-practices that improve the budgeting process for governments, e.g., performance-based budgeting and transition from cash-based accounting toward accruals.

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e-Invoicing has a positive impact on the business environment and is a cornerstone in establishing a real-time economy.

Digitalization and e-delivery of invoices, a concept called e-invoicing, is about 6 to 8 times cheaper than sending and receiving paper invoices. And when all countries within the EU adopt mandatory e-invoicing solutions, the estimated savings is more than 200 billion euros. Nortal has experience in implementing e-invoicing systems and consulting governments and e-invoicing operators in providing the best experience for customers – creating additional value for the businesses.

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