Data encryption with eID

Data encryption and proper key management is essential to protect data. Whether it is stored in a private or public cloud, data center or personal device.


Certificates issued to a person on eID can be used to encrypt data. Data encryption is mainly used to ensure data authenticity. Protect its confidentiality and ensure non-repudiation while its being sent over computer networks or stored.

Data encryption with digital certificates relies on Public Key Infrastructure. To encrypt the data the sender will acquire a receivers certificate (public key) from “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol”. Therefore, the owner of the corresponding private key (certificate) is the only one who can access the encrypted data.


How can Nortal help?

Nortals approach will provide a data privacy-oriented and reliable solution. It will guarantee the required level of security and improvement of operational efficiency for both private and public entities. Read more from here.


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Oleg Shvaikovsky

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