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Rethink, re-engineer and streamline governance processes to deliver an efficient, seamless and user-centric environment for citizens and administration alike.


Digital by design

The future of truly digital societies is proactive and efficient services, with minimum burden on both the citizen and the administration. To get there, governments need to rethink their processes and create the building blocks for a seamless society. Digitalizing governments is all about developing your society while reducing costs and staying on the same page with your citizens. Without electronic identity, digital signature, registries and data exchange, eGovernments, in the real sense of the word, can not exist as these enable automation for optimization and user-friendly services.



Experience in building an advanced digital society

Nortal has the unique experience of having built 40% of e-Estonia, a country where digitalization benefits are clear. It has been calculated that Estonia’s data exchange system, the X-Road, saves 820+ years of working time for the state and citizens annually. And the digital signature saves each Estonian about five days a year and the whole country about 2% of the GDP. But what these digital government cornerstones enable is further creative innovation.



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Data Exchange

Data exchange is as much regulatory and organizational as it is technological.

Government data exchange creates the capability of compiling data from different sources and creating valuable insights for decision-making. It also allows the creation of seamless government e-services based on the once-only principle. For this, Nortal believes, there must be three pillars of data exchange. First, there must be a single source of truth. Second, that single source of truth must share data with others who must ask for the data. Third, data sharing must be secure and transparent.

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Single Digital Gateway

Making government services accessible to all who need them starts from a clear, single entry point – a government one-stop-shop.

The Single Digital Gateway creates quick, centralized access to information, procedures and services – both for the citizens and businesses. Although offering all the information and services in one place is complex, using the gateway has to be extremely simple. Nortal believes in the importance of focusing on user experience as a critical component to efficiency and user satisfaction.

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For data exchange to successfully work, registry modernization is a must.

To unlock the true value of data, governments need to break the data silos and create a new data structure. Government registries are the main depositories for legal information that the government possesses about people, land and even pets, and so forth. Building reliable data repositories is one of the fundamental tasks for governments on their way to becoming truly digital.

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Digital Payments

Digital payments form the foundation of a digital society’s economy.

According to World Bank (Findex 2017), nearly a quarter of adults globally receive payments from the government –¬ whether as public sector wages, a public sector pension, or government transfers. In high-income economies, 43% of adults receive such payments; the share is half as large in developing economies. Digital payments can enable faster, more transparent, and lower-cost delivery of government transfers, and increase financial inclusion and curb economic crime.


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