Digital Government

In a fast-paced world where many things can be achieved by a simple click, governments have to keep up. Nortal is a digital transformation provider with a profound experience in creating user-centric services.


Government as a service

People of all age groups are increasingly accustomed to shopping with a click, ordering a taxi from an app or paying bills from wherever they are. Increasingly, we are applying the same expectations to government services. Nortal has planned and implemented over 40% of Estonia’s digital disruption, which means we have unique experience building a digital, seamless society. Being true digital governance trailblazers, Estonian establishments can help other governments achieve the same. Nortal has successfully exported its expertise to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We know how difficult this change can be, but we also know how much value it creates.


Prerequisites of digital society

To create groundbreaking government services and shape the way your society works, one must first set up the following pillars on which the digital society can stand.


Creating domain specific e-services. The foundation for digital society enables to build state of the art e-services that are based on machine readable data and automation to help governments and its citizens save time and money. Nortal takes this up another level. We have the unique experience of building e-services that are ahead of time, like the proactive government services. We help governments change their way of thinking, see what is possible and realize the full potential of digitalization.


Digital Society Enablers

A world without filling in forms for government services is closer than you think.

The future of genuinely digital societies rests on proactive and efficient services, with minimum burden on both citizens and the administration. Governments need to rethink their processes and create the building blocks to get there. Only with electronic identity, digital signature, registries and data exchange can eGovernments truly exist. Nortal has extensive experience in the foundational solutions of eGovernments and can help you achieve a truly digital society.

Government Finances

For the economy and society to prosper, both industry and government require sustainable growth and investment.

The challenge of public finance management is to balance short-term needs with long-term goals. Nortal’s Government Finances consultancy and solutions focus on stimulating the business environment, improving government revenue collection, and providing the state with strategic transparency and visibility for better handling of the economic cycles.

Ease of Doing Business

When business incorporation is made quick and easy, economic activity increases and investments flow more freely.

Economic development flourishes in markets where access to information is effortless and regulations are straightforward. Nortal partners with governments to maximize entrepreneurial satisfaction through civil efficiency. Our cost-effective public administration systems create fertile environments where businesses thrive.

Social Affairs and Employment

Premium digital services are already a must-have for governments.

Nortal helps governments provide seamless services for citizens, which increases social inclusion and justice by eliminating red tape and making resources readily available to those entitled to them. Our systems also support the administration by increasing back-office efficiency and eliminating errors through automation and machine-assisted decision-making.

Government Innovation

Innovation is not reserved for business; innovation in government is paramount.

A great deal of data becomes available when digitalizing government processes, which allows the realization of evidence-based policy-making and real-time economy. Data exchange enables the creation of remarkable, innovative e-services. Nortal is experienced in both managing data and building the world’s best e-services.


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