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Paving the way to innovation together

At Nortal, we collaborate to create seamless solutions with far-reaching impact. Together, our projects have impacted more than half a billion people globally, and we’re just getting started. Come join us!



Build and Deliver Cloud Solutions

Tapping into our U.S. office’s leading-edge experience in automation and continuous delivery in the cloud, we are now proud to launch world-class Cloud Centers of Excellence on the both sides of the Atlantic. Join us in Seattle, Helsinki or Vilnius!



Spurring innovation in the US, and beyond

We investigate new ways to deliver seamless technology solutions, faster. We experiment with new tools, and incorporate the ones that work into our streamlined development processes. This is the fun part of our jobs – striving for simplifying environments.



The power of the team

At Nortal, we are experts who believe in being innovative while having fun and working continuously to refine our skills. We approach work with integrity – doing what we say we’ll do, and operating with transparency and honesty. We work cohesively and see each person at Nortal as a critical contributor. We prize teamwork and support each other in providing the best results for our clients. No one on our team is superior to another – we help each other out, in the spirit of personal growth.


The way we work

Pride in engineering

A love for clean code. A zest for fun, adventure and new challenges. True pride of craftsmanship. These are the all-too-rare virtues that set you apart. We’re looking for developers and QA specialists who are driven not only by the passion to excel, but by an unshakable belief in quality and efficiency.

If you’re a coding superhero who fights for truth, justice, test-driven development, code reviews and integration/performance/security testing – you may be the engineer we’re looking for. Expand your horizons. Embrace the big-picture view. At Nortal, you’re free to be you.


Let’s meet and grab a cup of coffee:

  • Malia Jorgensen

    Director, Talent acquisition

  • Maria Nikoletich

    Technical recruiter

  • Pache Gray

    Director, HR


Live and work in Seattle